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About Us

Jewelry To Inspire 
Here at JLS Design & Gallery, we strive to amplify the essence of natural beauty and confidence. To us, your beauty is what illuminates our jewelry to its best radiance. Without you, our vision is incomplete. Together, we hope create and envision a community of vibrant individuals who thrive effortlessly with elegance and poise. Bringing forth light to the world during the darkest times with aspirations of hope and enlightenment. 
The creator and founder of JLS Design & Gallery established this brand with pure hope of encouraging others through the best way she possibly knew - art. Motivated and inspired by raw natural beauty (including its flaws), she creates and hand picks jewelry to hold inspirational meaning. Art surrounds her and through her designs, she hope to show you her perspective of life and beauty through her art by providing high quality pieces made to last and withstand all that life brings forth your way. 
We hope that you enjoy each of our creations and always remember that you are both special and influential to all you surround yourself with in life. Even if you don't like our designs, we hope to have positively impacted you as you explore our gallery. 
With much love, 
       - JLS


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